Music Students Pick Up the Slack

Kudos to band students at ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. They're members of SAM (Students for the Advancement of Music), and they're providing an interim solution to budget cuts that have forced the elimination of music in the Douglas County elementary schools.

Music School Auditions: This Too Shall Pass

Classes are back in session at most high schools around the country. For seniors whose plans require an audition for music school, those auditions are just around the corner. This is the beginning of the next phase in the wild and wacky world of applying to music school, and not the easiest of times for students OR their parents.

Career Development: How Much Support Will You Get?

We've already mentioned the fact that one of the top criteria for deciding which school to accept, should you be fortunate enough to have a choice, is how much career development support you'll receive. Now that graduation and what follows are becoming increasingly more real to seniors, it's time to revisit your options.

Who’s to Blame at a Concert?

We've written about the occupational hazards of hearing loss facing musicians on (see "Use Protection! Tips for Saving Your Career"), so it was particularly interesting to discover the 11.16.11 blogpost, "Is Your Favorite Band Making You Deaf?", written by Bob Boilen, host of NPR's "All Songs Considered."

Letting Your Music Be Heard

After spending Saturday at Occupy Denver to try to figure out for myself what the Occupy movement, at least the one in Denver, is all about, I was interested to see today's NPR's Song of the Day, "No Doctor" by the Seattle band Virgin Islands.