What’s College Actually For?

In the larger context of a student’s future—a lifetime of work and family and community—what we see is a more compelling reason for attending college that fuels the more obvious one.

Maria Schneider: Becoming a Musician

Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor, Maria Schneider, shares insights and advice to inspire musicians as she urges music students to remember, when the going gets rough, what drew them to want to be a musician in the first place.

Professional Leave for Music Majors – How Will Your School Respond?

If you're a music major who gets an offer to perform that requires you to take a professional leave from school for a semester or longer, what do you do? How does the music school you worked so hard to get in to respond? What happens to your financial aid, including scholarship(s)?

Connect with Your Audience!

A musician’s ability to connect with his or her audience has everything to do with how well the performance is received and how likely it is that the audience will come back for more.

Gandhi-Inspired Fundamentals for Music Success

Hisham Dahud applies his background in music to the ten best-known Gandi one-liners about how to “do” life. The result is a handy list of timeless jewels set to the tune of music business.