Should I Study Music in College?

Should I major in music? Does it make sense to spend the next four years of my life plus all that tuition to study music in college?

TLC for the Uh-Oh Phone Call

I'll always remember that first "uh-oh" phone call with the dreaded words, "Mom, I'm sick." It took two months into my son's freshman year at music school for me to realize the one thing I never in a million years would have thought to do: find the closest source for chicken soup.

Music Tackles Bullying

Have you ever experienced bullying as a student musician? "Stronger," the anti-bullying music video from the Time for Three trio, is based on experiences each member of the trio had while growing up.

Studying Music in THIS Economy? Heck, Yeah!

It's easy to find gloom and doom perspectives about studying music and careers in music. There's plenty of concern about the US overproducing talented and well-trained musicians in relation to the number of available jobs.