From College A Cappella to Hollywood

From college a cappella to working on NBC's The Sing Off, to freelance arranging and composing, Ithaca College School of Music grad Rob Dietz has an interesting story to tell. Dietz combined business with music as an undergrad, and talks about how well this has set him up professionally to "understand the mindset of the business world."

Holiday Tips for Parents of Future Music Majors

We're eager to share some holiday tips for parents of future music majors, because we know you're in a unique position. We've been there too. For kids applying to college in fields other than music, the winter break of the senior year is typically a time of relief. College applications are in or close to being finished, midterms are over, and a chance to catch up on sleep and socializing with family and friends has finally arrived. For music parents, it's a different story.

Music School without a Back-Up Plan?

What’s a back-up plan for music school about, anyway? Isn’t it your envisioned safety net, in case your front-and-center plan fails? Given that times are tough and that thousands of new college grads in every field are having a rough time finding a job, isn’t a back-up plan what you need?