Final College Decision – 5 Pointers for Parents

The May 1st deadline for a final college decision is just around the corner –– if your son or daughter hasn't yet decided on a music school, here are 5 pointers for parents to help you survive the next few days!

Celebrate World Voice Day with Silence

Sounds like an oxymoron, but World Voice Day gives us a chance to consider the benefits of silence. Here are a few thoughts on maintaining vocal health through the acronym of SILENCE.

Face Planting into Music Entrepreneurship

I never would have guessed that music entrepreneurship would be my calling. I can remember walking around various college fairs when I was still in high school, waiting for a certain major or university to excite me.

Benefits of Joining a National Music Association

Joining a national music association offers several benefits to music majors: • Direct access to mentors and role models in the field you plan to enter; • Networking opportunities with peers and professors at your own school as well as at music schools across the country; • Opportunities to attend professional conferences at a reduced rate (possibly free) to gain insight into your career field; • Connections to job banks and job vacancy lists; • Professional experiences that prepare you for interviewing and other career-related concerns; • Access to professional journals and other members-only educational resources.