Mary Poppins’ Wisdom for Graduates

Spring graduates of the University of Colorado Boulder chose Mary Poppins to deliver their commencement address. Dame Julie Andrews, as she is now known, imparted far more useful wisdom than “just a spoonful of sugar…”

What to Give a Music Grad

How to best celebrate a high school or college music grad is a challenge. The've probably already received more than their fair share of mugs, instrument sculptures, and neckties, all with musical note themes.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Are you a candidate for hearing loss? Do you have earbuds dangling from your ears most of your waking hours? Noise-induced hearing loss, also known as "NIHL," results from damage to hair cells in the ears.

Preventing Performance Injury and Tension

Whether you're having some kind of pain with playing, tension that you know isn't working for you, or are just interested in playing with more freedom and ease, the Alexander Technique can help.