A Career in Choral Conducting

Choral conducting is an exciting and deeply rewarding field. As a career, it offers the chance to serve others, a respectable salary range, and an opportunity for lifelong involvement and learning.

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

Internships can provide excellent training in many fields of music. They can also lead to job opportunities for students who demonstrate their ability to learn quickly, work well as part of a team.

5 Social Media Tips For Modern Musicians

In many ways, now is the best time to be a musician. Thanks to social media and the internet, you have access to an audience that artists only dreamed of a mere 5 years ago; you have the same distribution channels as the megastars; and you’re not dependent on major media outlets for validation... you can leverage your own social media!

Musicology: A World of Possibilities

Musicology is so broad that it's difficult to define without restricting it. Although many musicologists are also trained in performance, it isn't a performance-oriented field. Instead, musicology focuses on the history and cultural contexts of music.