Playing Your Best: College Music Auditions

For high school seniors who are interested in becoming music majors, this is the time of year that’s filled with musical preparation for upcoming college music auditions .

A Boarding Arts High School for Music?

Should you consider attending a boarding arts high school for music? If you don’t have a strong music program at your high school or access to an arts high school in your hometown...

6 Tools for Managing Audition Anxiety

Managing your music audition anxiety is key to your audition success. You want to be at your peak of health, relaxation, and confidence when you stand on that stage. But your anxiety about the outcome can feel like an impossible obstacle.

Reducing Music Performance Anxiety

Butterflies in the stomach; sweaty palms; negative self-talk; stomach pain; dry mouth; excessive swallowing; shortness of breath; fuzzy thinking; avoidance; or giving up. These are some of the signs and symptoms of performance anxiety.