El Sistema: Transforming Lives through Music Education

El Sistema is a global approach using music education to transform lives and bring about social change. In El Sistema-inspired programs, children as young as age 2 and living in impoverished and sometimes dangerous situations are offered intensive music training.

Preventing and Resolving Piano Injury

Elizabeth "Beth" Mueller Grace spent thousands of dollars seeking the help of specialists in resolving her piano injury. Grace, a highly-trained pianist and teacher, is determined to pass on what she finally learned about healthy technique to others with similar problems.

Curious about Studying Music Abroad?

Does studying music abroad sound inviting? It should. There’s so much to gain by leaving the comforts and confines of what’s known and predictable.

Student Musicians: Getting Beyond “Stuck”

Most student musicians inevitably reach a point when they feel stuck. It’s as if they’ve reached their limit, their highest point, and can’t go any further. They keep doing the same routine over and over but don’t experience any growth.