Dream Comes True for a Voice Major

Jack Canfield, Lawrence University Conservatory of Music voice major (’15), was one of 50 new grads whose dream recently came true. Jack is a national recipient of a 2015 Watson Fellowship.

Music Scholarships: Read the Fine Print!

Are you getting mail about music scholarships? Be sure to read the fine print! If you’re a high school junior or senior, you may soon be overwhelmed with online messages and snail mail about dazzling opportunities for scholarships of all sizes, large and small.

Scholarships for Music Majors

A compilation of scholarships across diverse music disciplines, this list is updated with new opportunities and new deadlines on a regular basis.

3 Myths about Careers in Music

Are music majors determined to have successful careers in music deluding themselves? Here are 3 myths about careers in music with some facts to help dispel them.