5 Ways to Keep Your Music Strong Over the Summer!

by Barbra Weidlein

You know what happens when you take some time off from your music. The rust sets in pretty quickly! So what can you do to keep your music strong this summer, especially if you plan to send in your prescreens, audition for competitions, or try out for school orchestras, choirs, or bands this fall?

1.  Keep practicing

This can be tricky if you’re not taking lessons. But it’s important. Find an app that supports you in keeping up with practice. Do something nice for yourself if you meet your practice goals at the end of each week.

2.  Jam and perform with others

Get together at least once a week with other musicians. Try some new things. See if you can get a gig or two –– even if it doesn’t pay, at this stage it’s great practice and gets your name out there.

3.  Network

Talk with people who are steps ahead of you in the music world. How did they get there? What advice do they have for you? Learning how to network will be a huge advantage to you as you start developing your career plans in any area of music. If anything stops you from networking, this is a great time to find out why and figure out how to move forward.

4.  Go to concerts

Challenge your listening skills in new ways. Watch how the musicians interact with the audience. Stretch your musical tastes.

5.  Listen to music

Again, stretch your musical interests by listening to genres of music you’ve never heard before. Tune in to music you already know in new ways.

Do you have tips to add to the list? Let MajoringInMusic.com know and we’ll consider quoting you (and giving you and your music a shout out as well).


  1. If you’re not self motivated, it will be nearly impossible to stay in shape with your musical technique if you are not taking consistent lessons. With SO MANY obstacles today it makes it really tough to work at something that takes quite a long time to develop. Most kids do the more instant gratification stuff… play sports, watch videos, text, instagram, etc…
    I had a wonderful mother who pretty much told me to practice a 1/2 hour a day. Although I fought her a few times, I still made time because she told me to. I took lessons all year for 10+ years. My parents paid for it, and I always learned something from my teachers, and it kept me going.

    Tip # 6. Play your instrument as soon as you get up. Drink coffee and move those fingers or hands before you get busy with whatever! Even if you just play a couple of scales or licks or rudiments. It’ll pay off!

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