7 Tips for Music Scholarships

We’ve been bombarded by requests for information about music scholarships from prospective music majors, parents, and current music undergrads.

We understand how important and necessary financial assistance is to so many music students. That’s why we continue to work to find scholarship opportunities and other vital information that will support your search. But it will take work on your part, too.

Here’s what we suggest:

1. Visit MajoringInMusic.com’s Scholarships page. It’s on the top navigation bar of every page of the website.

  • Read each entry and click on anything that could be even remotely relevant. Don’t rule out anything until you’ve really looked at it closely.

2. Look for all the music scholarships offered by the college you currently attend or are interested in attending.

  • Some of these are offered directly by the schools and you’re considered for them when you apply and audition (no additional application needed). These are typically merit-based.
  • Others are offered by foundations – these you WILL need to apply for separately.

3. Check out scholarships offered to students in your hometown and state.

4. U.S. citizens: visit FAFSA for government-related financial aid.

5. Click on all the links to articles and resources listed on the Scholarships page.

6. International students: A few of the scholarships on the Scholarships page apply to you as well. Each music school also indicates the options available to international students. But U.S. schools also have stiff admission requirements regarding the cost of attending.

7. Be METICULOUS about meeting deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute so that you can check to see if your applications for scholarships and other financial aid have been received.

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