MajoringInMusic.com provides the tools and guidance to empower smart decisions and choices about majoring in music and establishing a viable career in music.

The website is specifically designed to meet the needs of students, parents, music educators, and college counselors. MajoringInMusic.com is also a unique portal through which key information about music schools, summer music programs, and relevant music resources can be easily accessed.

The website:

  • Demystifies, clarifies, and addresses the steps that need to be taken to successfully major in music.
  • Assists students in making informed choices and decisions in choosing the “right fit school” and how to apply, audition, get accepted, and pay for it.
  • Works with participating schools to help present prospective students with important decision-making information and school website links.
  • Supports parents in “wrapping their heads” around their offspring’s passion for pursuing music as a college major.
  • Showcases a host of careers in music in addition to the ones most commonly considered (performing and teaching).
  • Supports prospective as well as current music majors in learning what it takes to build a successful career in music.
  • Clarifies the benefits of participating in summer music programs (especially for anyone thinking about majoring in music) along with tips for choosing programs. The Summer Music Camps & Programs page also offers a host of excellent music programs with links back to their own websites.

Feedback about MajoringInMusic.com

We consider ourselves fortunate to receive positive reinforcement for our work and goals. Thank you to all who have taken the time to reflect on and share our influence in your decisions.

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Principal Bios

Barbra Weidlein credits her wild and crazy journey as the mother of a music school graduate for inspiring MajoringInMusic.com. She spent 23 years in the educational publishing field in addition to stints as a college counselor, educational writer, and adult education instructor. Her background includes BA and MS degrees from Pennsylvania State University; serving as liaison to the jazz program at a performing arts high school; working with numerous jazz education conferences and festivals; and fundraising for a community music school and high school music departments. Her background also includes many years of piano study and women’s choral singing.

Jim Weidlein founded Information Design, an educational publishing company, in 1986. The company produces print and online magazines and books in diverse fields including Native American education, environmental health, solar energy, and United Kingdom investing. He studied international service at American University and received a BA degree from Franconia College. Though he has finally handed down his clarinet to his son, Jim’s interest in world music still has him playing an assortment of international flutes. As the parent of a music major, he is inspired to apply his publishing expertise to MajoringInMusic.com.