Acid Reflux and Singers: World Voice Day 2019

In celebration of World Voice Day 2019, we’re focusing on acid reflux and singers. This is a problem that plagues many people across the life cycle. Yet trying to remedy it can be an enormous challenge.  

We’re sharing this excellent video about acid reflux and singers, featuring voice pathologist Dr. Wendy LeBorgne and singer and speech pathologist Marci Daniels Rosenberg. They offer a wealth of medical information and lifestyle tips you won’t want to miss. 

Topics include:
• Reflux medications: how they work and how they differ.
• Key lifestyle changes to prevent uncomfortable reflux attacks.
• What to do when you have a reflux attack and have a performance that day.
• Learning what your body needs to prevent discomfort.
• How to make intelligent choices and find health care providers for help and support.

This video was originally produced for NATS in 2017.

Wendy LeBorgne, Ph.D., is director of the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation (Dayton, OH), and The Professional Voice Center of Greater Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH). Additionally, she is a voice consultant at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 

Marci Daniels Rosenberg, M.S., is a singer and licensed speech language pathologist and research investigator at University of Michigan Vocal Health Center.

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