Instrument Repair and Your Career Path

Instrument repair offers a complementary and fulfilling career path with excellent job security for musicians who are interested in pairing their passion for music with their technical talents. 

Pursuing Music with ADHD

Musicians with ADHD see and experience the world through a different lens. This article provides a solid understanding of ADHD as it relates to music students.

Empowering Girls in Jazz

More than 100 years after the birth of jazz, women still remain underrepresented in jazz performance and jazz education programs. 

Planning to Major in Music

No two music schools offer the same exact programs, nor do they name their music major areas of study the same way. The following list will give you a general sense of areas within music in which you can major.

Working in Sacred Music

Working in sacred music offers a spiritually-fulfilling path for musicians in churches, synagogues, mosques and more.

Protect Your Voice!

Whether you’re a  singer or are involved in a sport, hobby, or job that requires excessive use of your voice, vocal strain or fatigue are potential concerns.