Playing Your Best: College Music Auditions

For high school seniors who are interested in becoming music majors, this is the time of year that’s filled with musical preparation for upcoming college music auditions .

6 Tools for Managing Audition Anxiety

Managing your music audition anxiety is key to your audition success. You want to be at your peak of health, relaxation, and confidence when you stand on that stage. But your anxiety about the outcome can feel like an impossible obstacle.

Reducing Music Performance Anxiety

Butterflies in the stomach; sweaty palms; negative self-talk; stomach pain; dry mouth; excessive swallowing; shortness of breath; fuzzy thinking; avoidance; or giving up. These are some of the signs and symptoms of performance anxiety.

Preparing Your Guitar Audition

If you’re a high school junior or senior planning to study guitar in college, preparing your guitar audition is probably in the forefront of your mind. Almost every university or college school of music will require you to audition, for either acceptance or scholarships or both.

3 Things to Consider Before Starting Music School Applications

Majoring in music is not for everyone. Even the application process is a bigger time commitment than your friends planning to major in other areas will experience. Here are three things to consider before applying along with tips for now that will help you in December. And in February, when you are still applying to schools!

Music School Auditions: This Too Shall Pass

Classes are back in session at most high schools around the country. For seniors whose plans require an audition for music school, those auditions are just around the corner. This is the beginning of the next phase in the wild and wacky world of applying to music school, and not the easiest of times for students OR their parents.