Face Planting into Music Entrepreneurship

I never would have guessed that music entrepreneurship would be my calling. I can remember walking around various college fairs when I was still in high school, waiting for a certain major or university to excite me.

Benefits of Joining a National Music Association

Joining a national music association offers several benefits to music majors: • Direct access to mentors and role models in the field you plan to enter; • Networking opportunities with peers and professors at your own school as well as at music schools across the country; • Opportunities to attend professional conferences at a reduced rate (possibly free) to gain insight into your career field; • Connections to job banks and job vacancy lists; • Professional experiences that prepare you for interviewing and other career-related concerns; • Access to professional journals and other members-only educational resources.

Your Music Life Team: Real Social Networking

I was the first in my family to graduate from college. I had no idea about the importance of assembling my music life team nor about social networking. I had everything under control as an undergrad, or so I thought, until it hit me that I didn’t know how to network in the classroom. I excelled in in a lot of ways and my experiences are the foundation for who I am as a professional today.

Revitalizing You and Your Music

The hurried, stressful life of some musicians is antithetical to making beautiful music. As a trained classical singer and designated Linklater theater voice teacher, I know from personal experience that we are not at our best when we are stressed.

Maria Schneider: Becoming a Musician

Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor, Maria Schneider, shares insights and advice to inspire musicians as she urges music students to remember, when the going gets rough, what drew them to want to be a musician in the first place.

Professional Leave for Music Majors – How Will Your School Respond?

If you're a music major who gets an offer to perform that requires you to take a professional leave from school for a semester or longer, what do you do? How does the music school you worked so hard to get in to respond? What happens to your financial aid, including scholarship(s)?

Gandhi-Inspired Fundamentals for Music Success

Hisham Dahud applies his background in music to the ten best-known Gandi one-liners about how to “do” life. The result is a handy list of timeless jewels set to the tune of music business.

Music & Writing: Life as a Dual Artist

My name is Jennie Dorris, and I'm a musician AND a writer. It used to feel like a confession. Being a dual artist is the very reason I've been successful in my career.

Joining the Peace Corps as a Music Ed Major

By Sara Goodman – I was sitting in my elementary/middle school methods class during junior year one morning in early February, 2010. Our professor was explaining to us the current job market. He told us flat out that there were no music education jobs in our state and to have a backup plan. For the past three months, I had already been thinking about joining the Peace Corps. One of my swim teammates from my high school was serving in Madagascar, and I was following her blog. My professor’s statement was the impetus for me to go ahead and start