Music Therapy: Making a Difference One Note at a Time

Music therapy is the use of music by a trained and qualified music therapist to achieve non-music goals. It is a recognized health profession in which music is used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of clients as assessed by a degreed- and board-certified professional.

As a Music Major, What Can I Actually Major In?

No two music schools offer the same exact programs, nor do they name their music major areas of study the same way. You're apt to find out that, as an undergraduate, you can study what you are most interested in at some schools but not at others. You're also likely to find that some schools cluster certain music majors together and house them under a specific department.

Music School without a Back-Up Plan?

What’s a back-up plan for music school about, anyway? Isn’t it your envisioned safety net, in case your front-and-center plan fails? Given that times are tough and that thousands of new college grads in every field are having a rough time finding a job, isn’t a back-up plan what you need?

Should I Study Music in College?

Should I major in music? Does it make sense to spend the next four years of my life plus all that tuition to study music in college?

Music Tackles Bullying

Have you ever experienced bullying as a student musician? "Stronger," the anti-bullying music video from the Time for Three trio, is based on experiences each member of the trio had while growing up.

Studying Music in THIS Economy? Heck, Yeah!

It's easy to find gloom and doom perspectives about studying music and careers in music. There's plenty of concern about the US overproducing talented and well-trained musicians in relation to the number of available jobs.

Time for Three Trio

Time for Three Trio calls itself a "classically-trained garage band." Members Nick Kendall (violin), Ranaan Meyer (double bass), and Zach DePue (violin) are receiving wide acclaim for their "category-shattering" originals and arrangements that combine classical, jazz, country western, bluegrass, and gypsy elements into groundbreaking mashups performed with outstanding artistry.

What’s College Actually For?

In the larger context of a student’s future—a lifetime of work and family and community—what we see is a more compelling reason for attending college that fuels the more obvious one.

Professional Leave for Music Majors – How Will Your School Respond?

If you're a music major who gets an offer to perform that requires you to take a professional leave from school for a semester or longer, what do you do? How does the music school you worked so hard to get in to respond? What happens to your financial aid, including scholarship(s)?

Answers to Questions about Your Music Student

When my son was considering schools to apply to for music, he quickly found that research on the internet and on schools' websites brought up far more questions than he had before he started. He realized that he needed to talk directly to admission folks to find answers.

Music & Writing: Life as a Dual Artist

My name is Jennie Dorris, and I'm a musician AND a writer. It used to feel like a confession. Being a dual artist is the very reason I've been successful in my career.

Music Theory for Music Majors

This is the first of an important two-part series by Dr. Joel Clifft, director of Keyboard Studies at Azusa Pacific University and adjunct professor at USC Thornton School of Music (see bio below), about why music majors are required to take music theory classes.

Making it Through College Music Theory

This is the second in a two-part series on music theory by Dr. Joel Clifft, director of Keyboard Studies at Azusa Pacific University and adjunct professor at USC Thornton School of Music (see bio below), focusing on how to prepare yourself to be more successful when it comes to taking college music theory courses.

Joining the Peace Corps as a Music Ed Major

By Sara Goodman – I was sitting in my elementary/middle school methods class during junior year one morning in early February, 2010. Our professor was explaining to us the current job market. He told us flat out that there were no music education jobs in our state and to have a backup plan. For the past three months, I had already been thinking about joining the Peace Corps. One of my swim teammates from my high school was serving in Madagascar, and I was following her blog. My professor’s statement was the impetus for me to go ahead and start

Building a Music Career… One Cookie at a Time

I've always been interested, and participated in, singing and performing. I was recently a high school senior with dreams and aspirations but no real support or way of achieving them because I come from a low-income family and I know that things in life are not just handed to you. We all have to earn our share, and this is what taught me that only my hard work and tenacious attitude could get me where I wanted to head in life.