Career Tips for Jazz Majors

Jazz majors: you're more likely to find work if you pay attention to these career tips. Even if you’re not a jazz major, however, you’re likely to find a lot of this information relevant and useful.

Entrepreneurship Training for Music Majors

Why is entrepreneurship training for music majors garnering so much attention? It’s no secret that fewer traditional jobs await even the most proficient musicians when they graduate from music school.

3 Myths about Careers in Music

Are music majors determined to have successful careers in music deluding themselves? Here are 3 myths about careers in music with some facts to help dispel them.

Tips for Success as a Freelance Musician

Have you thought about what it takes to find success as a freelance musician? If you’re fortunate to have gone to school in an area with a strong arts scene, you may be able to launch this aspect of your career right where you are.

Face Planting into Music Entrepreneurship

I never would have guessed that music entrepreneurship would be my calling. I can remember walking around various college fairs when I was still in high school, waiting for a certain major or university to excite me.

Music & Entrepreneurship

What does it take to create a sustainable career in music? talked with Dr. Connie Frigo, saxophone professor at the University of Georgia and founder of Road of Creativity Music Entrepreneurship Retreat, to explore this vital subject that every music major needs to address.

Career Support from Music Schools?

We urge students to find out what kinds of career support they're likely to get at the schools they're interested in before moving forward with applications.