60th Annual GRAMMY nominees

Congratulations to 60th Annual GRAMMY nominees who are alums or teach at so many of the schools showcased on MajoringInMusic.com.

Portfolio Careers in Music

A high percentage of recent music school graduates - as well as professional musicians - maintain portfolio careers in music (as well as in other non-music fields).

Music Scholarships: Read the Fine Print!

Are you getting mail about music scholarships? Be sure to read the fine print! If you’re a high school junior or senior, you may soon be overwhelmed with online messages and snail mail about dazzling opportunities for scholarships of all sizes, large and small.

Curious about Studying Music Abroad?

Does studying music abroad sound inviting? It should. There’s so much to gain by leaving the comforts and confines of what’s known and predictable.

Honors Programs for Music Majors

If you have strong academic skills, want to major in music, and don't want to lose your academic mojo, look for schools with honors programs that welcome music majors.