Pursuing Music with ADHD

Musicians with ADHD see and experience the world through a different lens. This article provides a solid understanding of ADHD as it relates to music students.

Benefits of Playing in a Youth Orchestra

Playing music in a youth orchestra offers a host of opportunities, from performing to meeting peers who are equally as passionate about music, to preparing for auditions.

Scholarships for Music Majors

A compilation of scholarships across diverse music disciplines, this list is updated with new opportunities and new deadlines on a regular basis.

A Boarding Arts High School for Music?

Should you consider attending a boarding arts high school for music? If you don’t have a strong music program at your high school or access to an arts high school in your hometown...

Your Child Wants to Major in Music: What Do You Say?

For many parents, myself included, it’s one thing to hear your middle-school-aged child say he or she wants to major in music in college –– and a whole different ballgame when they talk about it as a junior or senior in high school.

Ranking Music Schools

Ranking music schools is a disservice to students who must do the important personal exploration necessary for finding the right fit school to call "home" for the next few years.

3 Tips for Parents of Music Students Who Weren’t Accepted

Parents of music students who weren't accepted by their schools of choice have been contacting us. Most have needed an objective ear to listen to their stories and help them overcome their own sense of sadness and even loss around this. Others needed to vent their feelings about their offspring not getting what they wanted and felt they deserved.

What If You’re Not a Musical Prodigy?

Some students (and parents) assume that if you're not a musical prodigy, you should major in something other than music. Nothing can be farther from the truth! In fact, there are actually benefits to not being a prodigy, so long as you're someone who feels compelled to pursue music.

Music as an Employable Major

So, is music really an employable major? These days, every major in music seems to require some kind of business and communications savvy: the ability to fundraise; the ability to use social media and stay on top of its rapid-fire changes; the ability to promote yourself and your ideas; the ability to communicate well with a broad range of people, from business owners and funders to audiences, parents, students and fellow musicians (depending on your area of emphasis); the ability to keep your books and pay your taxes if you are self-employed; the ability to advocate for your particular emphasis in music. Sometimes these skills are associated with the label "entrepreneurship." But regardless of what you call them and regardless of what aspect of music you major in, you will need them to be viable in your field in the 21st century.

Response to a Worried Parent of a Music Major

A worried parent of a music major confided in me that the four years her daughter had spent as a music major might have been put to better use. The daughter, who had joined the Peace Corps after graduation, discovered an interest in public health, and wanted to pursue a master’s degree in that field.