Does Your Student Want to Major in Popular Music?

How would I feel if my student or son or daughter wanted to major in popular music in college? I found myself asking this question at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Association for Popular Music Education (APME) held in Nashville, Tennessee in June, 2012.

Answers to Questions about Your Music Student

When my son was considering schools to apply to for music, he quickly found that research on the internet and on schools' websites brought up far more questions than he had before he started. He realized that he needed to talk directly to admission folks to find answers.

Paying for Music School: Ideas for Cutting Costs

It's important to find out the cost of attendance at every school you plan to apply to without limiting yourself to the numbers right off the bat. There's still time to consider scholarships, merit awards, FAFSA, part-time jobs, loans, and miracles!

Buyer Beware: Music Scholarship Scams

Tis the season for scam services who want to lure you into paying for access to “thousands of scholarships, internships, and jobs” for a “small fee.” Don’t believe it and, most of all, don’t buy it. Any scholarship or internship that’s worth applying for is one where you don’t have to “pay to play.” But you have to do your homework to find them.