Student Musicians: Getting Beyond “Stuck”

Most student musicians inevitably reach a point when they feel stuck. It’s as if they’ve reached their limit, their highest point, and can’t go any further. They keep doing the same routine over and over but don’t experience any growth.

Playing Your Best: College Music Auditions

For high school seniors who are interested in becoming music majors, this is the time of year that’s filled with musical preparation for upcoming college music auditions .

How to Prepare for Music Competitions

Music competitions are a regular part of life for many students who plan to go to music school and seek a career in music. Three “realities” of music competitions:

Practicing the Art of Practicing

Every musician has to learn the art of practicing. Nobody will deny that it can feel like a chore sometimes, perhaps even more often than not, but to become a successful musician you have to learn how to love it.