College Scholarships for Music School – Thinking Outside the Box

Are you a music student needing to find college scholarships for music school? You’re not alone if you find searching for scholarships to be stressful and challenging.

There are scholarship dollars out there to be claimed. What’s also true is that you have to be an active participant in order to find them. You’re probably going to have to do a fair amount of research, write some essays, perhaps audition or enter competitions. Scholarships rarely come to you – you’ll have to go after them yourself. The sleuth work may turn up hidden gems that will surprise you.

Some of the more obvious places to look for scholarships include:

FAFSA – government-based financial aid (grants, loans, work-study) and other resources for U.S. citizens
• State-related scholarships and grants
• Scholarships from the schools that accept you – especially if they love your audition
Music-related scholarships from foundations and organizations
• Financial aid for international students and undocumented students

But you’re more than a music student, right? So why not look at your other interests and talents and see if you can find relevant scholarships there, too. For instance:

• Are you vegetarian? Do you help promote vegetarianism in your school or community?

• Are you clever with Duck Tape?

• Love to play golf and work as a golf caddy?

• Are you tall?

• Love to make your own greeting cards?

• Belong to a credit union, religious organization, a club or local organization? Ask them if they offer scholarships.

The bottom line:
Start your research early. Don’t wait ’til senior year! Pay attention to deadlines. Be wary of scams, especially where you’re asked to pay money to be considered for a scholarship. And – think inside AND outside the box.

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