Music Students and Common App Problems!

If you’re a music student who’s been having problems with your Common App as you apply for early action or early decision, you’re not alone! There are tons of students and counselors who are similarly challenged because of technical malfunctions with the system. spoke with several music admission folks representing a variety of schools at last night’s Performing and Visual Arts Fair in Denver. The consensus was that before you panic, you should contact the Admission office if you can’t get your application to go through. They will do everything possible from their end to troubleshoot with you. They are well aware that the Common App is at fault, not you.

Some schools are extending their deadlines but don’t assume that’s the case with the ones you’re applying to. Call or email to find out exactly what each school’s policy is. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the stress or anxiety these annoying glitches can generate.

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