Pandemic Update for Juniors and Seniors

The pandemic has required colleges, universities and conservatories to make changes in the way they provide information and opportunities for prospective students.

Read what 300 college admissions deans say about their concerns for students during these stressful times.

What might this look like if you want to learn more about a particular school?

1. Check each school’s website. You can start with the Participating Schools list.  Some schools have information right on their pages. Others will require you to go to their homepages to find their COVID-19 work arounds.

2. Tours, visits and accepted student days: Schools canceled or postponed these in the spring and summer months. Instead, they’ve been offering virtual tours, Zoom meetings, emails, phone calls, and other online opportunities for you to meet with admissions staff, counselors and faculty. Again: Check with each school to see what’s possible now.

3. Orientation days: TBD. Again, check each school’s website.

4. Trial lessons with instructors: Check with schools to see whether teachers are offering these online. These are typically limited to high school juniors and seniors. And read this article for suggestions: Trial Lessons for Prospective Music Majors.

5. Contact the admissions office at any school you need information from AFTER you’ve checked their website.

6. Consider an online consultation with for any of your concerns or interests about pursuing music as a major, minor, double major, and more. Contact: 

And please – Practice all of the preventative recommendations provided on the CDC website and stay vigilant to keep yourself and your families and friends well.

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