COVID-19 (Corona) Virus Re: Music Schools

By now, your classes have been moved online for at least several weeks or through the end of the semester. Educators, admission folks, and administrators have been working 24/7 to provide the best possible information through available technology. Still, there are and will be flaws in the system. Patience will be tested! And so will your creativity.

What does this mean for newly accepted students and anyone who had planned to visit colleges over the next several weeks?

1. Check each school’s website. You can start with Participating Schools list.  Some schools have information right on their pages. Others will require you to go to their homepages to find their COVID-19 work arounds.

2. Tours, visits and accepted student days: Schools have canceled or postponed these for the time being. Instead, they’re offering virtual tours, Zoom meetings, emails, phone calls, and other online opportunities for you to meet with admissions staff, counselors and faculty.

3. Orientation days: TBD. Again, check each school’s website.

4. Trial lessons with instructors: Check with schools to see whether teachers may decide to offer them online.

5. Contact the admissions office at any school you need information from AFTER you’ve checked their website.

6. National College Acceptance Day: Some schools are starting to postpone the deadline for sending a deposit from May 1 until June 1 or later. Check with each of the schools you’re considering to see what they are doing. Also check this listing provided by NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling).

7. Consider an online consultation with for any of your concerns or interests about pursuing music as a major, minor, double major, and more. Contact:

And please – Practice all of the preventative recommendations provided on the CDC website and stay vigilant to keep yourself and your families and friends safe. Remember that COVID-19 now affects every age group!

Take care!

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