Answers to the most common questions we’re asked every day.

1. Should I major in music?

These articles will tell you what majoring in music entails – and help you decide whether it’s really the right college major for you.

Should I Study Music in College?

8 Essentials Before You Major in Music

2. I have a question for a school on MajoringInMusic.com. What’s the best way to get an answer?

Click on the Participating Schools link below. You’ll see a list of music schools in the United States, Canada, and overseas which encourage questions from prospective music majors – it’s a great way to make yourself known, which will be really helpful if you do apply.

Participating Music Schools

3. What should I do to prepare if I want to major in music?

Here are tips for getting yourself ready to take on auditions and the demands of becoming a music major.

Prepare to be a College Music Major

4. How should I prepare for auditions?

Practicing is just one of the ways to prepare for auditions. This article, by a college music professor, offers tips to get you ready for the big day.

Playing Your Best: College Music Auditions

5. Where can I find a scholarship and other information about paying for school?

Most schools consider you for a scholarship when you audition and there’s usually no additional application for scholarships. But check with each school you apply to, in order to confirm that this is how things work at that school.

For scholarships for specific instruments and majors, read all the entries on this page and check the deadlines.

Scholarships for Music Majors

  • U.S. students: Find FAFSA/government loan information on right side of page.
  • International students: Find links on bottom right of page.

6. What kinds of careers are there for music majors?

In addition to performing and teaching, there are many careers for people with music degrees to consider. Learn about them here and remember that new careers for music majors are springing up every day.

What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

7. What if I want to be a music therapist but am not a music therapy major?

Many schools offer the “Equivalency Program” for students who graduated in a field of music other than music therapy. Here’s what you need to know.

Music Therapy Equivalency Program

8. How necessary is graduate school?

Here are key considerations for deciding on graduate school. Also note that MajoringInMusic.com articles about specific careers also discuss whether a graduate degree is necessary.

6 Considerations for Deciding on Grad School

9. If I can’t afford a 4-year schools or don’t have the grades to get in, what can I do?

There are community colleges with excellent music programs where you can get started, bring your GPA up, and take classes that will get you on track to transfer if that’s your goal. This article reveals what you need to do to prevent ending up spending more money or time in school than necessary.

Community College for Music Students…

10. Can I get a job performing on a cruise ship?

You’ll want to know what level of proficiency is needed, how to find a job, what beside music you’ll be expected to do, and more.

Playing Music on Cruise Ships: Know Before You Go

11. I’m not sure I’m good enough to get into music school.

Some students assume that if they’re not a musical prodigy, they should give up their dream of majoring in music. This article speaks to that concern, with tips provided by successful musicians who were not considered prodigies.

What If You’re Not a Musical Prodigy?

12. What can I do to have a better chance at success in having a career in music?

With fewer symphony jobs available, it’s essential to get training in more than just performance. In the 21st century, majoring in every field of music requires entrepreneurship skills.

Entrepreneurship Training for Music Majors

13. Where can I find a good summer music program?

If you’re thinking of majoring in music, are already a college music major, or just want more time to focus on vocal or instrumental music, summer music programs are essential. Find excellent programs and suggestions for how to select the right fit program for you or your offspring or student.

Summer Music Camps & Programs

14. Should I go to an arts high school?

How to tell whether an arts high school is a good fit and what to look for in an arts high school music program is discussed in these articles:

Is an Arts High School a Good Fit for You?

A Boarding Arts High School for Music?

15. What are my chances for getting into professional musical theatre?

Musical theatre is a highly competitive major requiring students to be proficient in voice, theatre, and dance (the “triple threat”). It’s helpful to know what it really takes to audition successfully for a college musical theatre program as well as what it takes to break into the world of musical theatre.

Musical Theater with a Music Emphasis

16. Can I do study abroad as a music major?

Study abroad can be a life-changing experience but is not always available to B.M. music majors who want to graduate in 4 years.

Thinking About Studying Music Abroad?

17. Can I double major?

It all depends on the school and whether this option is offered. At many schools, you can major in performance and music education, or performance and a non-music field such as science, engineering, or business.

Dual Degrees, Double Majors, and Music Minors

18. Any advice for talking with parents who don’t approve of majoring in music?

Your parents want you to be successful, but may not understand your choice of majors. Here’s what you can do if they’re questioning your decision to major in music.

Majoring in Music: Convincing Your Parents