How to Choose a Summer Music Program

Wondering how to choose a summer music program? Confused about finding the best fit?

Start by answering the following. This will help you create your own criteria for choosing a summer music program that fits your current needs.

1. What do you want from a summer music program?

  • Private lessons with a specific teacher
  • Learn to practice more efficiently and effectively
  • Opportunities to play in ensembles, orchestras, bands
  • Opportunities to jam with other students, faculty
  • Music theory classes
  • Audition preparation and support
  • Help in reducing performance anxiety
  • Master classes
  • Something that will challenge you and help you take your music to the next level
  • Great mentors

2. What in addition to music would you like to explore or participate in?

3. What kind of environment do you want to be in?

• A well-rounded camp experience or a more focused music experience?

• Where in the country – or world? Are you seeking a cultural experience in conjunction with a summer music program?

• Do you want to live at the program or be a commuter?

• Do you want to explore a specific college or conservatory while studying music?

4. What’s your proficiency level right now?

• Are you able and willing to audition to be accepted?

5. Length of program

How long of a program can you commit to?

6. Finances

• Any financial restrictions?

• Do you have time to apply for scholarships and other financial aid if available? (Note that financial support often requires applying early.)

For more information, types of music programs available, and a list of excellent summer music programs in the U.S. and abroad, link here: Summer Music Camps & Programs

Photo Credit: Robert King Photography for CU Denver LYNX National Arts and Media Camp 

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