Majoring in Music: The Big Picture

I just returned from attending my son’s senior recital, and immersing myself in the world of undergraduate music majors. I’m here to tell you that these are some of the hardest working students around.

Once again I witnessed how difficult and demanding majoring in music really is. Classes, practicing, and performing all require huge commitments of time, and there’s so much more to the story.

The upshot is that music majors learn how to:

  • juggle many balls at once
  • become excellent collaborators
  • use and integrate feedback, and grow and mature from it
  • write well
  • network
  • put business and entrepreneurship skills into practice
  • improvise and make changes quickly
  • meet deadlines and show up on time

Have you noticed that these are all skills that apply to any career? And that they are the underpinnings of capable, competent, reliable human beings?

(For more on the skills gained by music majors, see Transferable Skills…You Can Take Them with You.)


  1. dampaak

    At the moment I am in college doing a bachelor of art in music, but I want to be a music producer. Is it possible I can apply for a masters degree in music production or audio technology with a bachelor of art in music degree? Or do I need to get a BA music production first ..?

    • Look at the admission requirements for any graduate school you’re considering. To become a producer, you’ll need to dive into music industry, get some music internships under your belt (see articles on music industry internships on, become a great networker, and acquire entrepreneurship and business skills.

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