Making Summer Music Camps and Programs Affordable

If you already recognize the benefits of attending summer music camps and programs but don’t think they’re affordable, here are some suggestions.

1. Inquire about scholarships.

Most summer programs offer financial assistance. Jump on this immediately!  The sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting a scholarship.

2. Find out if there are interest-free payment plans available.

3. Exchange of service.

Is there any type of exchange of service you can offer to defray some of the cost of the program?


  • Distribute flyers about the program at your school, the local youth orchestra, and other places where students and their families will see them. Be sure to get permission from each venue before attempting to do this!
  • Offer to be a student ambassador for the program. With parent permission, allow future students and families to contact you about your experience participating in the program.

4. Put out the hat. Or jar.

Set up several concerts locally, letting folks know you’re raising money to send yourself to a summer music program. Invite everyone you know. In addition to raising money, you’ll also get great experience in the kind of entrepreneurial thinking and planning that anyone wanting a career in music will need.

5. Ask for help.

Your music teachers, school counselor, local bank, or community youth center may know of additional scholarships you can apply for.

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