Music Graduates: Remember Your Mentors

As graduation excitement and celebrations approach, we hope music graduates will remember to acknowledge and honor the mentors in their lives.

These are the folks who have helped you achieve your successes: parents, music teachers, college counselors, grandparents, siblings, and others who have gone out of their way to listen to you and offer encouragement. The people who haven’t discounted your drive to pursue music, and who have recognized your passion to continue on, despite their concerns that there won’t be an identifiable job waiting for you when you graduate again. Your supporters have maintained faith in you as they’ve watched you work hard, perform with passion, and audition with courage. They’ve seen you miss the mark, and use rejection and constructive feedback to advance your level of proficiency.

Behind every successful music student is someone – and often several someones – who saw a spark or helped ignite something that grew into passion and talent. Your mentors value music, and they understand the benefits of music education. Their patience and steadfast belief in your need to express yourself through music have helped you arrive where you are now.

Once you’ve appreciated those individuals who have stood by you and helped you evolve your passion for music into a serious pursuit, we know you’ll have reached the starting line for paying it forward. Someday soon you will be the mentor for a student coming up the pipeline, because you’ll know what a difference that support makes.

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