Music Major or Not, the Music is Always There

Nawang Khecog, Grammy nominee and Tibetan composer and musician, defines music in his simple yet profound poem aptly named “Music.”

It’s a great reminder that if you are musically inclined, then you will experience music as pretty much inseparable from any aspect of life. So whether you choose to major in music, minor in music, or pursue your music as a side passion, hobby, or great escape; whether you choose to pursue a career in music performance, music industry, music education, music therapy, or in any of the other music-related fields, you can rest assured that music is always available to connect with and to experience.

Music is silence,
music is mountain,
music is freedom,
music is universal,
music is heart,
music is bridge,

music is temple,
music is teacher,
music is path,
path to compassion, love,
forgiveness, wisdom,
spirituality, freedom,
joy, happiness, divinity,
and inner-peace.

MUSIC by Nawang Khechog at

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