Music Scholarships: Read the Fine Print!

Are you getting mail about music scholarships? Be sure to read the fine print! If you’re a high school junior or senior, you may soon be overwhelmed with online messages and snail mail about dazzling opportunities for scholarships of all sizes, large and small.

BE CAREFUL about what you sign up for. Will you be further inundated with phone calls and text messages on your cell phone? (And due to limitations on your data plan, will you be running up a surprise bill?) Read the terms listed in the fine print. Know what you’re signing up for –– and won’t regret. Remember that not everything on the internet is legit.

The music Scholarships page on is the real deal. We update it regularly, so you won’t be getting all excited about great opportunities that actually ended in 2009. And NONE of the scholarships listed require you to spend money to apply (another red flag to be aware of). There are great links to scholarships for music majors, both prospective and current. Look at the brief descriptions and click on the links to whatever seems to fit you.

FAFSA, debt forgiveness programs, information for international students, and links to all participating music schools’ scholarships are also on this page. Be sure to also see the comments and responses from students and parents –– these may help you navigate the complicated process of figuring out how to pay for music school.

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