Music School Auditions: This Too Shall Pass

Classes are back in session at most high schools around the country. For seniors whose plans require an audition for music school, those auditions are just around the corner. This is the beginning of the next phase in the wild and wacky world of applying to music school, and not the easiest of times for students OR their parents.

At, we’re trying to demystify the process as much as possible, by providing insights, parameters, and support that will assist you in getting through the hoops while maintaining your health, sense of humor, and perspective. Check out Features: Auditions for tips on everything from how to lower performance anxiety to sanely preparing for audition day.

You may feel like you’re in a tunnel, with no sense of light at the end of it. But I promise you that you will start seeing glimpses of sunshine before long. In the meantime, try to remember the centuries-old saying, because it’s true:  This too shall pass. And so will you. You can count on the fact that his time next year you will be somewhere other than your high school. And the stress of getting yourself there will have faded, replaced by the excitement of entering a new world of music, people, and opportunities. So hang in there, and please do share with us what works (and doesn’t) for getting yourself through the audition process.

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