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From Bard College President Leon Botstein:
It is vital that amidst the uncertainty and fear we all face to remember that in the end this crisis will come to an end. We hope that it does so as rapidly as possible and with as little loss of life as possible. While we remain isolated from one another and wait this crisis out, let us take the opportunity to think how, in the future, to fulfill our professional and civic missions better and to strengthen the values of learning, and of freedom and democracy. The loss of normalcy should deepen our commitment to the values we deem most important. We should work together to establish a standard for the normal higher than the one we accepted before the pandemic struck. And much of what we cherish most, including freedom of thought, speech, movement, and assembly for all is nurtured, protected, and practiced by Bard.

All Bard College Conservatory of Music undergraduates pursue a five-year program leading to two degrees: the Bachelor of Music degree and the Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in a field other than music. The innovative curriculum of the Bard College Conservatory of Music is guided by the principle that musicians should be broadly educated in the liberal arts and sciences in order to achieve their greatest musical and academic potential.

Because all conservatory students pursue the double-degree, there exists a supportive community that equally serves the musical and academic goals of young musicians and provides the high level of training essential to success.

Bard College announces the appointment of world-renowned composer, conductor, and artist Tan Dun as Dean of the Bard College Conservatory of Music. As dean, Tan Dun will guide the Conservatory in fulfilling its mission of teaching young musicians both new music and music history, while deepening an understanding of its connection to history, art and culture, and society.

Drawing on the professional music world of New York City for its studio instructors, the Bard College Conservatory of Music double-degree program is for those young musicians who wish to combine music training at the highest level with the broadening experience of a strong liberal arts academic program.

Students interested in applying are required to submit two separate applications: one for the conservatory and the Common Application for the college. Conservatory applicants must submit both applications and be accepted to both the conservatory and college in order to attend the conservatory.

The conservatory is aware of the increasing financial burden of going to college— and particularly that of enrolling in a five-year double-degree program. With a combination of generous merit and need based financial aid awards, the conservatory does its best to make it financially feasible for all accepted students to attend. In addition there are special merit scholarships for those students studying double bass, oboe, bassoon, and brass instruments.

Bard Conservatory also offers graduate programs in vocal performance, orchestral and choral conducting, instrumental performance, and a collaborative piano fellowship program. Bard College is also home to the pre-professional training orchestra, The Orchestra Now.

Bard Conservatory is now home to the US-China Music Institute. Our mission is to promote the study, performance, and appreciation of music from contemporary China, and to support musical exchange between the United States and China. In partnership with the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China), the Institute has launched the Chinese Music Development Initiative, consisting of several components: a degree program for Chinese instruments, an annual Chinese Music Festival, and a program of scholarly conferences.

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