Bowling Green State University
College of Musical Arts

BGSU is a mid-sized university that offers a low student/faculty ratio of 6:1. This affords students the opportunity to study with our award-winning and world-renowned faculty on a more personal basis.

Our students experience:
• Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to perform together in ensembles.
• Hundreds of student engagement opportunities through performance, teaching, composition, and scholarship involvement.
• Unique scholarships and funding for tuition, travel, study, and performances.
• Over 30 large and small ensembles, including world and historical groups.
• The lowest cost among public institutions in Ohio!

We are a good fit for students who are:
• Seeking a sense of community.
• Seeking opportunities to engage in their profession while still a student.
• Wanting to study with faculty who are among the top in their field.

Undergraduate Degrees: Music Education, Music Performance, Music Composition, Jazz Studies, World Music, Music History & Literature, and Musical Arts (Interdisciplinary). Minors include Performance, Jazz Studies, Recording Technology, and Music Industry.

Graduate Degrees: Composition, Music Education, Teaching Artistry, Music History, Ethnomusicology, Music Theory, Music Performance/Conducting. Masters Degrees, Certificate Programs and DMA Programs offered.

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