CalArts Herb Alpert School of Music

The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts offers rigorous training in an unrivaled variety of musical styles and cultures. This vibrant mix helps each student to acquire the musical fluency to work across conventional boundaries, expand their artistic and cultural horizons, and develop a global creative vision.

CalArts offers training in jazz, Classical, Baroque, avant-rock, pop, noise, electronic, experimental, African, North Indian, Balinese, Javanese, Persian, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, and Balkan musics, as well as songwriting, free improvisation and sound installation. Students often form ensembles representing other styles.

Our school is especially attuned to the fact that musical artists, regardless of their individual stylistic trajectories, must now master a wide range of musical literature and theory, both traditional and new, and a very broad array of practical skills. They must become resourceful and self-reliant practitioners — fast learners who can live on the cutting edge while surfing trends with critical acuity.

Our community of music makers represents the highest standards of musical knowledge, skill, creativity, resourcefulness, strong individual initiative, and tenacity. These qualities also spell out the formula for the success of our students: the composers, performers and producers who will transform the global musical landscapes of tomorrow — creating and re-creating anew.

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