Duquesne University,
Mary Pappert School of Music

At the Mary Pappert School of Music, you can be a creator, artist, healer, teacher, and much more. We believe there is an unparalleled value in self-expression, and it is through music that you can nurture the heart of society and actively participate in shaping global culture.

What’s new at Duquesne?

The Institute of Entertainment, Music, and Media Arts (IEMMA) is a unique interdisciplinary program that provides resources for students to learn all aspects of the entertainment industry. Succeed in a growing multi-billion dollar commercial music industry with a fulfilling career as a performer, sound engineer, game designer, composer, producer, worship leader, artist manager, and many more. Learn more here.

Ask us about our accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Music where students can complete the B.A. in 3 years and then go on to spend one additional year in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business earning an MBA or MSM, or 3 additional years in the Duquesne School of Law earning a Juris Doctorate. These pathways are perfect for students looking for a musical foundation that will enhance his or her marketability in business and legal fields.

How do we achieve excellence?
Our faculty are more than educators; they are professional musicians with careers as composers, arrangers, and performers including members of the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Pittsburgh Opera and Ballet Orchestras, Jazz Orchestras, and more. Our faculty are GRAMMY winners, recording artists, authors, producers, engineers, and scholars. With a 4:1 student to faculty ratio, you will receive personalized attention in a learning environment that features conservatory-caliber training along with the latest in technological resources designed to encourage your creative excellence and artistry.

Our School Promise:
At the Mary Pappert School of Music, we are building a better future. We invest in each individual student. We value and support the creation of art, exploration of artistic ideas, the preservation of our rich musical past, and the artistic innovation that propels us forward. We pursue music with passion and we challenge our students to explore new ideas, musically, artistically, and intellectually. We demonstrate respect for each other and we demonstrate excellence, integrity, and responsibility in our work as artists, creators, scholars, healers and teachers.

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