Longy School of Music of Bard College


It is no longer enough simply being a good musician to have a successful music career.

And yet, the world needs music now more than ever. Longy is committed to preparing its students to meet a changing musical landscape head-on, giving them the skills to perform, the ambition to teach, and the desire to expand access and opportunity within classical music.

At Longy, we train students to become exceptional musicians who can engage new audiences inside and outside the concert hall, who can teach anyone, anywhere, and who can use their artistry to change lives in communities around the world. Join us and become the musician the world needs you to be.

Every student is encouraged to live by Longy’s bold mission and actively serve the community around them. By weaving artistry and service together as an integral part of the curriculum, Longy is shaping a new future for classical musicians. This social imperative is at the core of the school’s curriculum, encouraging students to become the musicians the world needs them to be.

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