Los Angeles College of Music (LACM)

LACM is the premiere contemporary institution providing a pathway to a thriving career. Our proprietary creative incubator approach has been turning out well-rounded, industry-ready, award-winning, music professionals for over 25 years.  

LACM’s campus facilities are based in Los Angeles, the heart of the music industry. As a student, you’ll feel the spark of the city and easy access to top pros to propel your creativity. Perhaps most importantly, LACM’s award-winning faculty has refined an innovative curriculum to equip you for the ever-evolving music industry. Your journey at LACM is an exclusive, individualized experience like no other.

Our accredited programs support 12 different majors across musical disciplines of performance, production, composition, and industry study. With multiple start dates available each year, access to LACM and our programs has never been more convenient.

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