University of Colorado Boulder College of Music

The University of Colorado Boulder College of Music is one of the top comprehensive music schools in the country, situated within an internationally recognized research university in America’s top place to live. Advanced musical training, professional-level experiences, diverse opportunities for collaboration and a spirit of inclusive excellence await you in the foothills of the Rockies.

For undergraduates, the college offers three degree types plus options for dual degrees; graduate offerings include the Artist Diploma, Master of Music, Master of Music Education, Doctor of Musical Arts and PhD programs in performance and academic areas.

The college also offers undergraduate certificates (Music Entrepreneurship, Music Technology, Music Theory, Singing Health Specialist, Arts Administration), post-bacc professional performance certificates, a Certificate of Music Theory and a Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration.

Award-winning performers, scholars and composers, college faculty are deeply dedicated pedagogues helping students develop and succeed in their musical endeavors—whether your passion is to teach, perform, compose, research or rethink music entirely.

The College of Music is a welcoming, supportive community presenting hundreds of concerts each year, plus many special events and master classes.

Fast facts:
8:1 student-to-faculty ratio
320 undergraduate students
235 graduate students
30 ensembles in different genres
40+ Grammy awards & nominations

Entrepreneurship Center for Music (ECM)
The ECM is a national leader in professional development focusing on the business aspects of the performing arts. From the basics of marketing to the application of talent and training, the ECM equips music students with the skills and tools to create sustainable careers in the arts. The ECM offers an undergraduate Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship, including a business minor; graduate students may also benefit from ECM programming.

Musicians’ Wellness Program (MWP)
Through classes and lessons in the Alexander Technique and Body Mapping, the MWP increases proficiency and prevents injury through somatic training and a medical support network.

“… with your passion, your knowledge, your generosity, and yes, with your music, you have a great opportunity to make things better for others – Pass it on.”   ~ Professor Emeritus Robert Spillman 

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