Options for Continuing Music after High School

Are you wondering about your options for continuing your music after high school?

MajoringInMusic.com is here to help you explore a variety of options along with many different career paths involving music. Whether you’re considering majoring, double majoring, or minoring in music, or you’re someone who wants to find other ways for music to play an important part in your life, you’ll find answers and guidance on MajoringInMusic.com.

The Article Index will take you to a huge bank of information featuring majors, careers, different types of schools to consider, tips on injury prevention, music entrepreneurship, how to pay for school, how to get the most out of visiting schools, and much more. The list of Participating Schools will take you to dozens of excellent college-level music schools and several arts high schools. You’ll find out what they offer and their cost as well as have the opportunity to ask for more information right from their school pages. You can also see which participating schools offer what you’re interested in by visiting Find Schools That Fit Your Interests.

The Summer Music Camps & Programs will help you learn about programs all over the U.S. and beyond where you can dive into various musical areas to further your proficiency, knowledge, audition chops, etc. And for anyone needing more tailored assistance, fee-based consultation is available by simply clicking on “Request Consultation” and let us know what you need.

Share MajoringInMusic.com with your parents, friends, music teachers, counselors etc. It’s free to use, constantly updated, and designed with you in mind.

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