Planning to Visit Music Schools?

Visiting music schools can carve a big hole out of your budget, unless you have plenty of discretionary income or idle cash under the mattress,  When you add up the cost of transportation, lodging, food, and missed days of school and/or work, you’ll start getting the picture. Then, multiply that by the number of music schools you want to visit and it adds up quickly, doesn’t it?

So what can you do instead?

Start by checking the Choosing and Visiting Music Schools section on (under “Choices and Decisions”). We’ve worked long and hard to compile our own tips from personal experience with those from music majors, their parents, music schools, and other sources. For anyone wanting to become a music major, there are all kinds of things you can do to learn a lot about each music school you’re interested in, before ever leaving your laptop or mobile phone.

Here are four of the most important things you can do:

1. Learn what you can about the distinctions between conservatories, music schools and colleges, and music departments – be sure to read Music Conservatory or School, College or Dept.? What makes most sense for you?

2. See if what you want to study is offered at the schools you are interested in. Many students waste their time and money visiting schools that don’t actually offer what they want to study!

3. Faculty can make a huge difference to music majors. Do you know of teachers you’d like to study with? If so, where are they?

4. From everything you know about each music school you are interested in, what are your chances of getting in? Who can help you assess that?

Students who take the time to think out their goals and objectives in advance are far more likely to be smart “shoppers” when it’s time to visit music schools.


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