Proofreading for Music Majors
… why it counts!

If you’re thinking of majoring in music, you may assume your days of writing and paying attention to those annoying rules about spelling, punctuation and grammar are over. Quite the contrary, proofreading for music majors is of the utmost importance!

For starters, admission folks at many music schools we’ve talked with take notice of everything you send them. They DO pay attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar. They see it as a reflection of how much attention you care to pay about what you share. And this is an indication of how serious a prospective student you really are.

Once you get to college, you’ll be writing more than you probably realize. Any general education classes you take will require writing. And if you major in music at a liberal arts college, you’ll be writing even more.

You’ll be writing for music classes as well. Regardless of the area you major in, you’ll need to be able to communicate your thoughts in writing. Music history classes will demand this, and certainly anyone who majors in music education will be expected to write cogently, with correct spelling and grammar. If you’re interested in musicology/ethnomusicology, you’ll be spending a good chunk of your career writing, as you will if you want to teach on the college level.

Our parting words of wisdom? Take time to proofread before sending anything anywhere, even to! We want you to succeed, so know that proofreading for music majors is of the utmost importance.

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