Success in Music – 6 Things People Will Remember about You

Success in music, as in most any field, has a lot to do with what people remember about you. For music majors, the process begins long before you have your degree in hand.

Assume that friends, classmates, even professors are all potential and future work associates, employers, and references. Each casual and formal interaction you have will leave some sort of impression that can impact your future.

Here are 6 things to address to give you more control over what others will remember about you:

1. Proficiency: Are you good at what you do? Do you excel at some aspects of music that will leave a positive, lasting impression upon those you interact with? Have you developed a good ear for music? Can others depend on you to recognize qualities that yield successful music?

2. Attitude: How do your peers, professors, studio teacher, other mentors, etc. experience you? Are you someone who shows respect and a willingness to work for the good of the group while allowing yourself to shine?

3. Preparation: Are you prepared when you show up for a lesson, a rehearsal, a gig?

4. Reliability: Are you someone others can count on to do your part, to help solve problems, to go the extra mile when needed? Do you show up on time?

5. Communication skills: How well do you listen –– and show you’re listening –– to others’ words and non-verbals messages? Do you express your opinions non-judgmentally yet honestly? How are you at resolving conflicts?

6. Receptivity: Are you open to new ideas, to new ways of doing things? Do you receive feedback well?

This is just a start. There are other qualities and skills that contribute to the impression you’ll leave with people you’re likely to end up working with or for. But if you can hone your skills in these 6 areas, you can bet people will remember you in ways that will boost your career.

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