Feedback about MajoringInMusic.com

This website is specifically designed to meet the needs of students, parents, music educators, and college counselors. We are fortunate to receive positive reinforcement for our work and goals. Thank you to all who have taken the time to reflect on and share our influence in your decisions.


“Thank you so much again for all your help and guidance you’ve given me along the way. You’ve been invaluable to me throughout this process and I truly cannot thank you enough!”

– L.R., Transfer student

“MajoringInMusic.com was an immensely helpful resource in finding schools that fit my needs. It helped me narrow down my options for schools with Composition majors, and when I decided on Music Industry instead, MajoringInMusic.com was there again. Thanks for making a stressful time easier!”

– Jordan Singer, incoming freshman at Drexel

“Thank you to MajoringInMusic.com! This resource and consulting system has brought so much ease to a stressful and uncertain college application process. I was able to work through each step of auditions, essays, and decision-making smoothly!”

– High school senior, Rhode Island

“Thank you so much for this – a fantastic resource!  I will really enjoy perusing your site as well as passing this information along to our students. ”

– MK Altizer, Dept. Chair-Performing Arts, Head-OCS Institute of Arts & Innovation, Director of Orchestra, Piano, Digital Recording

“Thank you for your website, it is such a great resource! I wish you all the best. ”

– Elizabeth Bennett, Buffalo Grove High School, Director of Orchestras  and Fine & Performing Arts Co-Coordinator. 2020 NAMM Music Educator Award Finalist

“I will keep reading the articles posted on majoringinmusic.com; I am grateful for that resource! I appreciate the encouragement and insight.”

– Cristin, prospective music major

“An article on MajoringInMusic.com is what started me on my path to study Music Therapy. Thank you, MajoringInMusic.com, for giving me the idea. I can’t wait to begin my career.”

– Hannah, college freshman in Music Therapy

“The work you do to support young artists is truly wonderful, thank you for your part in enriching our world with diversity, creativity and connections that are made through the arts beyond language and cultural differences.”

– Musician and Peace Corps volunteer

“Thank you for your incredibly informative website! ”

– Parents of rising high school senior, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I just wanted to thank you, for helping me help my son through this process.  The articles on your website, the phone consultation we had, the research you did for me, the specific questions you had me think about and answer, all got us to where we are today. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Parent of high school senior, Pittsburgh, PA

“I think your website is quite helpful — so I will continue to sing your praises.”

– Brian L., NYC school music director

“This is a really nice, comprehensive resource. I appreciate that it is a site intended to be a true resource for students interested in pursuing majors, careers, enrichment programs, and scholarships in the field as opposed to a solicitation for services. I would feel comfortable sharing this with our students and families.”

– Laura, Pennsylvania high school counselor

“I have the link on my class website and I go over  MajoringInMusic.com at the beginning of each year.”

– John H. Julian, AP Music Theory Teacher, Mansfield Independent School District

“Thank you so so much! You have made this process so easy and enjoyable and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

– Robin, high school senior, Atlanta

“We learned a lot and it’s nice to know that we can turn to you and the wonderful website forum you created for students and their parents!”

– Lydia, parent of high school student

“Thank you so much for your time and for creating this space. Music as a career choice isn’t always an easy path to navigate through and your page has helped me so much over this uncertain time.”

– Gabriela, high school senior

“These articles are exceptional! Your work is a wonderful service to future performers.”

– Carmen Cortez Dominguez, DMA, Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts, College of the Canyons

“I have always wanted to major in music, but I thought the job opportunities were limited. Majoring in Music.com has made me realize there are plenty of wonderful job opportunities besides a stage career after getting a music degree! I am not worried about pursing what I love!”

– California high school music student

“Thank you for this information. I was just perusing your website and found it to be very informative. I will add your link to our counseling webpage!”

— Susan Chandler,
Director of Counseling, Bakersfield Christian High School, Bakersfield, CA

“Thank you for the words of wisdom. Even a little is a lot of help. I will have to read up more on the website and work out my performance kinks.”

— Maryssa, high school student

“If a student does not know what they can DO with their interest and passion for music, this site provides excellent information and follow-up links to the sources that can open their eyes to many options.”

Lalene DyShere Kay, M.M., ACC, MT-BC
Director, Cleveland Music Therapy Consortium
(Baldwin Wallace University, Cleveland State Univ, College of Wooster)

“MajoringInMusic.com is an invaluable resource for students and parents (and teachers!) navigating the long and often complicated process of determining a young musician’s educational path. There are so many factors to consider and so much is learned from word of mouth. This is a compendium of valuable advice from folks who have gone through the process and are willing to share their experiences.”

— Elizabeth Borowsky, NCTM, Founder and Director, Piano Prodigies and Intermuse International Music Institute and Festival USA

“Thanks for sharing your website. I have put it on my web page and find it positive and informative. Great job!”

— John Enz, Conductor of Orchestras WW-P High School North, Plainsboro, NJ

“I will be sure to send my students to your site as a resource. Thank you for letting me know about it!”

— Kimberly Strickland, NBCT, Chair-Department of Music, Alabama School of Fine Arts

“Thank you for providing this avenue for students to research and discover which schools would be the best fit for them.”

— Don Neufeld, Associate Professor, College of Music and the Arts-Azusa Pacific University

“Thank you for this great resource.  I will definitely pass it on. ”

— Justin Padilla, Music Director, Los Alamitos High School, Long Beach, CA

“What you guys do, for the kids and their parents, is fantastic and there isn’t enough of it in the world.”

— Moni Simeonov, Director of String Studies, Bob Cole Conservatory, California State University, Long Beach

“We were thrilled to find your website, and as we follow up with these summer program ideas we will definitely let them know you referred us.”

— Laura S., Parent

“This is a fantastic website.  I plan to provide a link to MajoringInMusic.com on our Music Parents Web Page.  I will also include it in my Band Handbook.  Fantastic! ”

— Randy Keefe, Music Dept Head & Director of Bands, Masconomet Regional High School, Boxford MA

“Thank you so much for answering all these questions informatively and honestly. I’ve read all questions and answers and they are so helpful. ”

— High school student in Syracuse, NY (in response to comments on articles)

“Your MajoringInMusic.com website continues to be an outstanding resource, one that I recommend to prospective/current collegiate students at music education seminars and conferences. ”

— Paul Fox, State Retired Member Coordinator/Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Founding Director/South Hills Junior Orchestra

“Clearly, your organization provides an important service for students contemplating pursuing music as a career. Thanks for your work.”

— Harold Abeles, Professor of Music and Music Education, Co-Director, Center for Arts Education Research, Columbia University Teachers College

“I’ve previously recommended your site to students in the past and will continue to do so! Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic resource for our kids.”

— Heather Flora, Pennsylvania high school music educator

“Thanks for all you do to promote music education.”

— Erin M. Hayden, PT, DPT, OCS
Instructor of Clinical Physical Therapy
USC PT Associates-University Park Campus

“The information you have shared is very good. It will help future music students to be clear as to what they really want to do. Thank you for the info. I will definitely share this with my high school students.”

— High school music teacher

“Thank you for all you do for the profession and for emerging musicians hoping to sort out the challenges and opportunities when looking at music schools.”

— Mark Rabideau, director of 21st-Century Musician Initiative at DePauw University School of Music, musician, and parent of a prospective music major

“Thank you for creating this article. Now I know how to select the right community college to start with before transferring to a four-year college.”

— D.N., high school student

“I found the website from a simple google search about audition prep, and it has been an invaluable resource. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this site.”

— High school senior & bass player, planning to major in music

“Majoring in Music is a wonderful resource for students to learn about pursuing a degree in music. I frequently refer students to articles found on Majoring in Music for advice on choosing a school, finding scholarships, and deciding if a music degree is the right fit for them.”

— Kara Golden
Director of Admissions, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

“Thank you VERY much for sharing this website. For years I’ve looked for a website that had ALL of this information (in one place!), and I look forward to sharing this with my students and colleagues at OCSA.”

— Teren Shaffer
Executive Vice-President
Orange County School of the Arts

“This website is extremely helpful, thank you very much for this information.”

— High school sophomore, considering both music and science

“Thank you kindly for this valuable information. I will be sure to share with the students who are interested in majoring in music.”

— Colleen Murray, Director of College Counseling, Santa Catalina School

“I just added your site to a new page on our website. Thanks for this resource.”

— Christopher Selby, DMA
Director of High School Orchestras
Charleston School of the Arts

“I am a big fan of your website and the articles have really helped me look at my education from a much wider perspective.”

— Guitar student and aspiring popular music major

“I just wanted to thank you for your website, which seems to get better and better every time I visit. My daughter expressed a tentative desire to major in music a year ago and now, through your live panel discussion (excellent!), your website, and your posts put out to high school parents, we are feeling much more confident in navigating this path. There’s a lot to take in (thank goodness she’s only a sophomore!) and I’m so grateful your website is so rich in resources and REAL discussions of the ins and outs.”

— Karen Cobb, parent of prospective music major

“I viewed your website and think it is great! I plan on adding your link to the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony website. The information is very helpful. My daughter is finishing grad school in oboe performance so I have personal experience in these areas. This will make it easier to provide the information to our young musicians and families.”

— Linda Reymore, Executive Director, Treasure Coast Youth Symphony

“This site looks great. I will be sharing it with my students. I will see if I can add it as a link on my band page on our school’s web site. Great idea!”

— Jeff Nelson, Illinois high school director of Instrumental Music

“I must express how this site and explanations given by you and your team have helped me tremendously. Because of this site, I am prepared to attend open houses for prospective music schools (colleges), asks the right questions and know exactly the courses that I need to take in order to achieve my goal.”

— Roxanne L., High school student & prospective music major

“Majoring in Music has helped to connect us with a diverse group of musicians over a wide geographic area who want to learn music in a rich summer camp environment.”

— Michael Knauf, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts

“I am very impressed with the information on your website, and I will continue to check in on it and use it as a resource for my college career and beyond.”

— Rachel Mullins, Music Industry Studies Major,
Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music

“Your advice was very helpful & I can’t thank you enough! I will most definitely use your tips as guidelines to help me with my future career.”

— High school junior

“My band directors had known about MajoringInMusic.com, and recommended it to me when I told them what I wanted to do with my life. It has helped me tons!”

— High school senior in Kentucky

“Our son is a senior this year and we’re trying to progress as quickly as we can in gathering information about appropriate music schools he might attend. Your site has been very valuable in this regard, and we look forward to any more information you may provide.”

— Parent of prospective music major

“This website is exactly what I needed to find! I had never heard of, nor considered an internship with music, but will definitely be investigating that further.”

— Paige, music student

“Very helpful not only to my kids but also to parents trying to prepare for the college audition process.”

— Berni Hiros, parent

“Thank you so much for making this website. I really appreciate the help you all are providing us.”

— High school student and prospective music major

“The MajoringinMusic.com guide for musicians is fantastic. I am very impressed, and will be happy to follow and share. Both of my daughters were music majors, and would have benefited from this great resource.”

— Cathy Spieth, Executive Director, El Camino Youth Symphony Association

“Great website! I can see the value of helping students to realize the many options they have in a career in music. I will absolutely pass this on to the 400 students we have in our program here at Walnut High School.”

— Dr. Buddy Clements, Instrumental Music Director, Walnut High School, CA

“We love the info you present for students, parents and teachers!!”

— Spotlight program of the Music Center (LA)

“This is a really terrific website. I am definitely going to forward this along to all of our teachers and older students.”

— Ilene Meyers Miller, Play On, Philly!

“Your website is terrific and encouraging. Musicians really know the importance of quiet.”

— Gordon Hempton, acoustic ecologist, Soundtracker.com

“The information is excellent, easy to navigate, and not too overwhelming. I tried to look at it through the eyes of a prospective student and his/her parents and think you’ve done a nice job of helping to de-mystify the world of pursuing music in college.”

— College guidance counselor, Maryland private school

“The information provided on MajoringInMusic.com would have been invaluable for me as a high school student choosing my career. I would have been better equipped to deal with the challenges I faced freshman year and beyond.”

— Brett McDonald, composer and saxophonist

“Just wanted to tell you thank you for your helpful website. My daughter received a scholarship to study music education as a voice major (choral studies)! We are so proud of her. Thank you for the information on this website. It answered so many of our questions and helped us get through the audition process. Thanks for helping my daughter get a scholarship!”

— Micky M., mom of music major-to-be

“Your website is great and provides a lot of really helpful information about the process of college searches, financial aid, auditions, etc.”

— Debbie Breitman, parent of high school student

“I wish this had been around when I was a young musician. It would have been so useful!”

— Tom Vignieri, composer, and music producer of NPR’s “From the Top”

“What you are doing is incredibly valuable for teachers and students.”

— Margaret Miller, violist and music faculty, CSU Dept. of Music, Theatre & Dance

“MajoringInMusic.com is an invaluable resource for anyone considering a life in music.”

— Elizabeth (Beth) Mueller Grace, pianist, teacher, clinician

“I am very impressed with MajoringInMusic.com. It’s a very encouraging website and reinforces that music is a good path for the right students. It’s user-friendly, and does a good job emphasizing the difference in music programs.”

— Dr. Tracy Doyle, chair, Adams State University Department of Music

“MajoringInMusic.com is a dynamic and attractive tool for prospective college music students. It provides information about preparing for a college music degree, surveys a number of major music programs, and –– most importantly –– provides advice for making the decision itself, with helpful information for parents as well. As a single source of so much information (and inspiration!), it fills a substantial need, beautifully.”

— Tom Hynes, assistant professor of music, Azusa Pacific University

“I just read the short blurb in MTNA’s AMT (American Music Teacher) about your website and explored it for about an hour. THANKS! As a teacher of both college and pre-college students, your website is a great service to the pre-college population and pre-college music teachers!”

— Dr. Thomas Swenson, president, North Carolina Music Teachers Association, assistant prof. of music, and director of the Center for Musical Excellence, Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC

“What MajoringInMusic.com offers parents is wonderful and necessary on multiple levels.”

— Tina Serota, Parent Liaison and Dir. of Services, The Philadelphia Int’l Music Festival (PIMF)

“MajoringInMusic.com is essential reading for students as well as their parents.”

— Community music school director in Delaware

“I wish I had this type of resource when I was looking at music colleges… Congratulations on the contribution you are making to music education.”

— Darla S. Hanley, PhD, dean, Professional Education Division, Berklee College of Music

“Love the website and I feel like it will help so many students out with decisions.”

— Sam Hood, music major

“Your site is very informative and will be a valuable resource for clients considering majoring in music.”

— Independent college admission consultant

“‘It’s so helpful!’ is what a high school junior in my voice studio had to say after recently discovered Majoringinmusic.com – she has recommended ‘every single article’ to her friends on Facebook.”

— Cynthia Vaughn, NATS member, co-author of “The Singing Book” and founder/ director, Magnolia Music Studio, Fort Collins, CO

“The website is not only a great tool for potential students majoring in music, but also for those simply interested in integrating music into their lives. I have been
spreading the word about the website to all my peers.”

— Martin Sung, recent grad

“This is an impressive, really well-thought-out website and a wonderful service which fills a huge gap for the high school student interested in majoring in music after graduating.”

— Cynthia Allor, piano teacher, MTNA member, Aurora, CO

“Your website is looking really good: lots of interesting links. You’re making it all so much easier for this new ‘generation’ of students.”

— Mary Fulton, parent of music major

Great, informational site! Where was this when I was in school??”

— Rhett Del Campo, Director, Arts Initiatives, SocialRaise