Thinking of Deferring Music School?

Has the pandemic led you to think about deferring your start to college?

If so, here are some general considerations. After thinking about each of these points, check with your school to verify their policy. Start with their website and then contact the admissions office. You may also need to contact the financial aid department and/or housing office.

1. How long do you want to defer? One semester? An entire year (gap year)?

2. And for what reason or reasons? (Schools will want to know before they allow you to defer or withdraw with the intention of returning.)

3. What will you do during your time off? How will you keep up with your music?

4. Will you need to re-audition? If so, when?

5. What deposits have you already put down for school, housing, etc.? And what will happen with those?

6. Will deferring have any bearing on your request for housing when you’re ready to attend school?

7. Will any financial aid and scholarship offers carry over? If so, how long will those offers be available?

8. Are you an international student? Talk with your school immediately.

9. Is your school offering any incentives for NOT deferring?

Thanks to these schools for contributing to this article:

Berklee College of Music
Florida State University College of Music
Lawrence University Conservatory of Music
University of Colorado Boulder College of Music
USC Thornton School of Music

Photo credit: Alora Griffiths

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