TLC for the Uh-Oh Phone Call

It took two months into my son’s freshman year at music school for me to realize the one thing I never in a million years would have thought to do: find the closest source for chicken soup.

I’ll always remember that first “uh-oh” phone call with the dreaded words, “Mom, I’m sick.” It seems some sort of upper respiratory virus had gotten the best of my college student, and sadly right as his first birthday away from home was about to occur. From 1,000 miles away, it was most unsettling to hear.

Here’s what I did, since my offspring was too miserable to fend completely for himself: after some Googling and a few phone calls, I found the closest Chinese restaurant that delivered. Of course the delivery entailed spending $15, which resulted in my son getting several containers of egg drop soup and hot and sour soup that would last him a few days (thanks to the dorm refrigerator and microwave).

I also discovered that Hillel offered a free chicken soup delivery to any ill student on campus, regardless of their religious following. Another container of chicken soup found its way to my son’s dorm (and a small donation from me went a long way with the organization).

I admit that I did encourage the dining facilities at my son’s school to make chicken and miso soups into daily offerings. Let’s face it:  college kids are infamous for getting sick… a lot. The school humored me but didn’t follow up on my suggestion. I don’t believe many schools would. So if your son or daughter is in the process of thinking about going to college away from home, SAVE THIS! It will point you in the right direction when you need it most, and help you feel like you can still be a valuable resource to your college student.

– Barbra Weidlein

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