Tracking Your Music School Applications and Auditions

Keeping track of music school applications and auditions is tedious and time-consuming, and can make your head swirl (to put it mildly). PhD candidate in Musical Composition, Kate Pukinskis, found a way to streamline the process and insure that none of her information went missing the night before her applications were due.

Kate has kindly shared her “Music School Application Table” as well as a host of great tips and ideas to keep you sane and savvy about preparing your music school applications and planning for auditions. As a veteran music school student and music school admissions director, she has also graciously offered to continue to post articles on that are timed with each stage of the application and audition process.

Check back at the beginning of December and then again in early January to learn what Kate has learned and that has helped her succeed in getting into her preferred schools (Carnegie Mellon University, University of Chicago).


  1. Sheryl

    Thank you for this spreadsheet. I made some adjustments to fit our purposes (undergrad) and made it into a Google Doc so my son and I could work on it together. (although he says it’s a waste of time… grrrr…. ). If nothing else, it will help me help him.

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