Transferable Music Skills — You Can Take Them with You

Even if you end up deciding not to pursue a career in music, the transferable music skills you’ll gain as a music major will provide you with the background necessary to enter many other fields as well as graduate programs:

1.  Ability to be creative and think outside the box

Think: improvising; composing innovative music; dealing with myriad challenges that crop up before or during performances.

2.  Ability to plan ahead

Think: learning the music in advance of performances; juggling your schedule; knowing what it takes to look your best at concerts.

3. Ability to take responsibility

Think: scheduling and getting to lessons and rehearsals; learning your part for a group performance; leading a section of the orchestra or a band.

4. Ability to collaborate and work effectively with others to meet goals

Think: being part of an ensemble, orchestra or chorus.

5. Ability to think and understand in patterns

Think: learning and performing music.

6. Ability to manage time well and handle several projects at once

Think: juggling school with performing, practicing and the rest of your life to succeed at majoring in music.



  1. Rory

    I am currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnomusicology (Although it is titled “BA Music”), but I really want to study a Master’s Degree in International Business.

    The course I wish to do is not specific on Bachelors Degree requirements, only that you obtain a
    high/good grade average. I’m very passionate about Business on an International Level and Entrepreneurship and I would like to feel that my Degree will be just as good as any other in applying for a place.

    Would the skills and experience of being a Music Graduate be appealing to a Business Course at postgraduate level?

    Also, is there anything else you’d recommend I do in addition to doing well at Bachelors Degree level?

    • By learning how to talk about the transferable skills you gain as a music major, you’ll be better able to apply them to any other field. There are several articles on that talk about this; by putting “transferable skills” into the search bar, you’ll find them. Here’s another: Majoring in Music: The Big Picture. Getting some entrepreneurship skills and practice under your belt as an undergraduate would benefit you if this is a direction in which you want to head.

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